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Current patients are entitled to join Highland Dental Plan (HDP) as long as they are up to date with their dental care. You must set it up within a month of your most recent Examination or completed treatment plan.


HDP spreads the cost of routine treatment into monthly payments, so essentially you pre pay for 2 x Full Clinical Examinations per year and 2 x Scale & Polishes per year, it covers most X-rays and gives a further 10% of any treatment you may need (like Fillings or Crowns) or want (like Professional Whitening). 


We have all the forms here for HDP, so ask a member of staff if you're interested.  Cost is currently £16.54 per month, with a 5% discount applied if 2 people in one household sign up.  The household discount increases to 10% for 3 members in one household and so on.


HDP also provides Worldwide Emergency Dental Insurance - meaning you can claim some costs back if you need to seek emergency dental help while away from home. 



Experts recommend that people see a dentist every 6 months for a check-up and clean. During a routine examination, scale & polish, the dentist will clean the teeth and remove plaque and hardened tartar.  The dentist will also check for visual signs of cavities, gum disease, mouth cancer, and other oral health issues. They may sometimes also use dental X-rays to check for cavities.

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